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Transportation Services

What we can do for you:

We provide luxury transportation in one of our many Mercedes transits that can hold up to 15 people!

We also have vans that are wheelchair and stretcher accessible!  


Whether you need transportation to a wedding, parties, the airport, or appointments, we do it all!

We also transport cars, pick up items from the store and drop them off for you and make deliveries to your loved ones! Whatever transportation you need, we will try our best to make your request! Just give us a call!  


We serve the Tampa and Orlando areas (any place outside these zones may be subjected to an increase in charge).

All our drivers are licensed and insured to provide you will the safest and most comfortable experience.


Luxury Fleet



Special Needs

Daily Needs

Transport Service

Local Transportation you can call anytime to check availability.

Serving Weddings, Parties, City Tours, Big Events, Concerts, & More!


Airport Transfer

A 24-hour notice is needed to book any big events or airport travel

Time is of the essence, and we understand the importance of timeliness.


We pride ourselves on punctual arrivals and departures, ensuring you are never kept waiting!


Car Seat or Booster available if needed for children. There is a rental charge of $5 per trip. Please specify at time of booking!

VIP Service

Top Notch Service from the time we pick you up and drop you off.


Special Needs

Wheelchair & Stretcher Accessible!

Mercedes Transport handicap Tampa.png

Tow & Pick Up

24 Hour Service is 

Here for You!

Call Us Any Time!

Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 10.29.49 PM.png



All Day Rentals

Vehicle Towing & Pick Up

Group Rates

  • Groups 3 or less $75 within a 25-mile radius (additional $2 per extra mile)

  • Groups of 4-7 people are $175 within a 25-mile radius (additional $2 per extra mile)

  • Groups of 7-15 people are $250 within a 25-mile radius (additional $2 per extra mile)

  • All-day rentals with driver $400 (12-hour max and includes gas) (A nonrefundable deposit of $75 is required for all bookings. Please give 42-hour cancellation notice) (A $60 per hour fee will be added for those who exceed the 12-hour limit)

Infants and kids under the age of 4 are FREE!


  • $65 an hour (3 Hour Minimum) for multiple stop shopping within 25-mile radius for groups less than 4 (each additional guess $10) 

  • $75 per couple Round Trip to appointments within 25-mile radius  - $2 per extra mile

Vehicle Towing and Pick Up

Hook-up fee- $65 - $85

Price per mile- $3 - $4

Available 24/7

  • $15 - $75 per trip within a 25-mile radius during the hours of 8 a.m - 9 p.m

  • $25 - $85 per trip within a 25-mile radius for after hours

*Call for estimated pricing on pickup and delivery outside a 25-mile radius

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